Press workers march against attacks in three regions

Press workers from Cochabamba, Santa Cruz and Chuquisaca took to the streets this Friday to demand that journalists be respected and the attacks rejected.

In Cochabamba, the march was concentrated in Plaza 14 de Septiembre, where the Press Workers Union (FSTPC) held a protest against attacks on journalists.

In Santa Cruz a sit-in took place at 10:00 a.m. in front of the gates of the cathedral on Plaza 24 de Septiembre.

The demonstration was organized by the Santa Cruz Press Workers Union Federation, the Independent Press Association, and the Santa Cruz Sports Journalists Circle.

The protest should also require the public ministry, police and government to investigate the October 28th events at the Las Londras property.

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In Sucre, the Chuquisaca Press Workers Federation march reached the attorney general’s office to seek identification of those responsible for the kidnapping of journalists in Las Londras, Santa Cruz, and to protest the ill-treatment by the police.

In the past few days, the press has suffered various attacks from sectors of the MAS, the police and other mobilized sectors.


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