President of the MPs calls on the judiciary to clarify the case Phantom post

Chamber of Deputies President Freddy Mamani (MAS) announced Monday that the case of the 800 phantom objects discovered in the Santa Cruz Mayor’s office would be investigated and called on the Justice Department to determine whoever falls, who is responsible.

“There isn’t one or two elements, it’s 800, if we add that up, we’re talking about millions (of Bolivians) who don’t know where they are. (…). We will immediately coordinate with the respective commissions for sending the report requests. Second, if the assembly decides to form the mixed commission, we would have to activate it immediately to make it work, “Mamani said.

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Last week, a commission of prosecutors was sent from Sucre to Santa Cruz de la Sierra to deal with the case.

“Whoever falls must face justice. (…), Ask the judicial authorities to cooperate with the investigation in order to identify those responsible and to determine what happens to them, because it cannot be that they do so when the Bolivian people have trusted an authority, yours Advantage to work region. It cannot be that we want to enrich ourselves in any way with this attitude, we do not share that ”, says Mamani.

The MAS MP took the opportunity to attack the sectors that were protesting against Law 1386 on a Strategy to Combat Legitimation of Illegal Profits, which was repealed after a nine-day multisectoral strike.

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“Now it gives us the reason why certain sectors were against a draft law and regulation on illegal profits at the time. Imagine if there were sectors that opposed this regulation, which was designed to detect those rare movements that are inconsistent because they are not justified, ”he said.


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