Pregnant Weenhayek dies in Tarija due to a lack of medical care

A pregnant woman and her baby died early Wednesday in Villa Montes due to a lack of timely medical care, said Néstor Nocu, deputy mayor of District 5 of Weenhayek City.

El País de Tarija, citing Fides Service, points out that the pregnant woman’s husband called the health centers of Capirendita and Palmar Grande urgently on Tuesday after midnight to request an ambulance “until the husband was fed up with calling”. had to convict the woman in a private vehicle that belonged to a friend who came to the rescue.

After arriving at the Villa Montes hospital, the woman no longer showed any vital signs. “They took him to the hospital, but (on arrival) the doctors already stated that he could no longer breathe. That is in relation to the emergency that we have in the District 5 part, ”he said.

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In this regard, the coordinator of the Villa Montes Health Network, Elias Milton Vidaurre Cruz, said the case was an “ongoing abortion”. However, the Director of Health Services (Headquarters) Tarija, Álvaro Justiniano, said he would request a detailed report on the case in order to know exactly what happened to the pregnant woman.


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