Prada affirms that the repeal of the anti-profit law does not correspond, but the withdrawal of the gathering

In view of the requests for annulment or repeal of the draft law against the legitimation of illegal profits, the Prime Minister confirmed that the executive, as the designer, had withdrawn the proposal so that it would no longer be discussed in the legislative assembly.

“This draft law, which we as the executive passed on, had not yet been approved by the legislative assembly or sanctioned by the executive, so in reality it is not a repeal or annulment as such, but rather the withdrawal of the draft law drawn up by us as planners. , as the executive body, “said María Nela Prada.

Unions and transportation companies remain on high alert until the government finally archives the law, which allowed direct indictments without trial and information on economic movements to be made available solely at the request of the Financial Investigation Unit (UIF).

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However, the government insists that it was the victim of a disinformation campaign that instilled fear in popular sectors devoted to informal trade.

“Unfortunately, some politicians, some parties that are constantly trying to confront us among the Bolivians, have launched a campaign of total disinformation around this law that wanted to comply with the recommendations of the FATF,” Prada said in an interview with Bolivia TV.

According to the agency, the standard aimed to strengthen standards in the fight against money laundering, terrorist financing and the fight against the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and the government would now assess the consequences and risks of a non-existent standard.

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The bill provoked a citizen strike and mobilizations in several Bolivian cities on October 11, and sectors such as unions and transport companies gave the government 72 hours to archive their bill, and yesterday Prada announced the withdrawal of the bill.

Now at the Casa Grande del Pueblo, people are hesitant to admit that Luis Arce’s government has suffered political defeat for defending the constitutionality of the norm and the urgent need for its approval until yesterday.

Justice Minister Iván Lima reflected on the need for the President to listen to the demands of the mobilized sectors.

“In his campaign speech and during his presidency, President Arce has maintained his will to govern while listening to the people,” he said in an interview with Unitel.


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