Potosí government manages the purchase of the Cuban vaccine against Covid-19

The Potosí government intends to acquire the Abdala vaccine against Covid-19 developed by Cuba, for which it has requested technical legal assistance from the executive branch in order to acquire the vaccine as soon as possible.

The first author of this department, Jhonny Mamani, expressed his interest in buying this vaccine responsibly with the population, noting that the necessary resources are there to acquire it. He also pointed out that the goal is to apply for people 10 years and older.

“I would like to ask you, Minister (Jeyson Auza), on behalf of the people of Potosí, to enable us to buy vaccines. The government is stopping doing projects it wants to do because one of our principles is to make life a priority” , he said.

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BioCubaFarma announced last Monday that Abdala had 92.28% effectiveness against disease risk with the three doses of the vaccine. The announcement came two days after the announcement of the partial effectiveness figures of Soberana 2 of 62% for two out of three doses.

In this context, the Minister of Health Jeyzon Auza affirmed that they will contribute in the technical-legal part to the acquisition of Abdala vaccines from Cuba with the aim of immunizing the population, emphasizing the distance and the effective work of the first authority in the highland region of Bolivia .

At the same time, he indicated that the technical teams of both institutions will start the procedures in the coming days to clarify the process of obtaining the vaccinations.

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“You are considering purchasing the vaccine with an effectiveness greater than 92%, the Abdala vaccine manufactured by the sister republic of Cuba (…). Thank you, Brother Governor, and here we will not waste a second on Tuesday at 11 o’clock . I will be waiting for you in La Paz to define the strategy to consolidate this important initiative, “said Auza.

Cuba is working on five drugs against the virus, two of which are in the final stages of clinical trials: Abdala and Soberana 2.

In the case of Abdala, it is known that the developers have submitted the dossier to the health authority for approval for emergency use and that a positive response is expected in the coming days or weeks.


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