Potosí delivers spare parts in the Plaza San Roque with a mural in honor of Petardo

The Mayor’s Office of Potosí today delivered the parts in Plaza San Roque with a special tribute to Petardo, the dog who accompanied the March of the Potosinist Citizens Committee in 2015.

The dog became a symbol of struggle and today it received another honor for what it represents to Potosí.

A video shared on the Potosí Mayor’s Network shows Petardo being prepared for today’s event at the dog groomer.

Llally recalled that when the Potosi delegation was in La Paz, he received news that 49 people had been arrested, but when he spoke to the detainees, they told him there were 50. Petardo had been brought to Zoonosis.

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In honor of the feast of San Roque, the saint of the dogs, the mural was discovered today.

The dog was christened Firecracker because it wasn’t afraid of the detonation of fireworks and dynamite pups that protesters used to ask the government to fulfill their commitments and carry out projects planned for that department in 2010.

The dog chased protesters from Caracollo, including the Comcipo leaders, who arrived in La Paz and traveled 530 kilometers to present their demands.

Petardo has a mural of a four-legged Potosino hero, a plaque and a small sculpture.


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