Potosí: Cooperative members and doctors march against

The Porco mining cooperatives marched in the city of Potosí that Tuesday demanding the repeal of the “legislative package” that the sector claims violates the rights of Bolivians. The department’s medical school also took to the streets with a similar application form.

The laws followed include 1386 on the Strategy to Combat Legitimation of Illegal Profits, 342 on the National Development Plan, 1390 on Combating Corruption, the Law on Promotions to Police General.

The Porco mining cooperatives walked the streets in a massive march until they reached Plaza 10 de Noviembre, where they called for the repeal of the legislative package that they believed was “against the people,” reported El Potosí.

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The cooperative members urge the government to “work with the people”. They recalled that they are not against the government, but rather ask that the Bolivian people be heard. The sector is in need and on constant vigilance.

Likewise, the President of the Departmental Medical College of Potosí, Fernando Acebey, reported that the doctors support the institutions and social organizations that have not been consulted in the fight against the “legislative package”.

Doctors are calling for the laws to be repealed because, they affirm, they are seeking government hegemony in various sectors.

Doctors assured that they would remain mobilized until two-thirds of the legislature were restored.

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In Potosí it is the ninth day of unemployment.


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