Portal OK Diario says that Corchado is a Spanish politician related to Evo.  has advised

The Spanish digital newspaper OK Diario denounced that Juan Manuel Corchado, the author of the expertise with which the prosecution closed the election fraud case, was an advisor to the former Spanish President José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, one of the closest allies of the former President Evo Morales.

In addition, the newspaper assures that a report by the University of Salamanca, headed by Corchado, had seven different versions before it was officially served on the Bolivian prosecutor.

The Spanish media published that Corchado, a professor at the University of Salamanca, was the coordinator of a public scientific body dependent on the Ministry of Science in 2010 and headed by Minister Cristina Garmendia at the time.

According to OK Diario, the Bisite Group’s expertise at the University of Salamanca was classified as “confidential” and had seven different versions. The first took place on May 6, 2021 and the last on June 28 of the same year. After the multiple changes, Corchado and the public prosecutor agreed on a ban so that the expert could not be disseminated. The government of Bolivia, chaired by Luis Arce, paid US $ 30,000 for this work.

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However, Corchado assured the Spanish media that he had not charged anything. “It didn’t make me financially rich; the money was raised by the University of Salamanca Foundation, ”he explains.

Two “twenties”

The 240-page report is entitled Expertise on the parliamentary elections of the plurinational state of Bolivia in 2019. In addition to Corchado, two university students “in their twenties” participated in the preparation of this document: students Pablo Plaza Martínez and Manuel López Perez. The Spanish newspaper notes that when Corchado and the two students finalized the controversial report, prosecutor Rocío Feraudi, who was close to Evo Morales, received the report. “Coincidentally, it is the prosecution that started investigating the $ 1.6 million Evo Morales payment to consultancy Neurona.” Some payments that completely affected the leadership of the party of Pablo Iglesias and Juan Carlos Monedero, founders of Podemos, “said the portal.

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According to the data, in 2010 Corchado held the position of Deputy Director for the Coordination of Technology Transfer of the Sub-Directorate General of the National Agency for Evaluation and Foresight, a public scientific body.

The public prosecutor denies the Spanish newspaper version

In a press release, the public prosecutor’s office classified as false a message published by Alejandro Entrambasaguas on the OK Diario portal with the headline “The Bolivian public prosecutor uses the report of a Zapatero adviser to report Evo Morales’ electoral fraud,” It has none Basis “, also that” the journalist in Bolivia, as in Spain, has a criminal case against him for harassment and discrimination. “

With this in mind, he says, Juan Manuel Corchado sent a letter to OK Diario asking for clarification that he never advised politicians or political parties and

Regarding what the note states that it is a “confidential” document and that it has seven different versions, prosecutors made it clear that it was “completely wrong” as additional information was requested.


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