Politicians warn that MAS is moving dangerously from democracy to authoritarianism

Opposition legislators Henry Montero (We Believe), Cecilia Requena and José Porcel (Civic Community) find 39 years after the restoration of democracy that the MAS government is pointing to the weakening of the democratic system, arguing that it has 55% of the vote the polls, remind them that voting is not a license to do what you want.

The passing of laws aimed at the control of citizens and the violation of fundamental rights, the change of the regulations in the Plurinational Legislative Assembly, the lack of dialogue and unity and the vision of a “dictatorship of majorities” are warnings from politicians.

Congressman Daniel Rojas (MAS) assumes, however, that democracy is not yet at its “peak”, but rather blames the power groups for this state of democracy. He pointed out that the opposition is constantly following shocks and “destabilizations” the government strive.

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