Police women and the passive sector explain themselves due to a riot in distress

The wives of the police officers and the passive service in Cochabamba declared the two chiefs to be in a state of emergency in view of the alleged involvement in the “police uprising” of 2019. They analyze protest measures and mobilizations.

As part of the disciplinary proceedings initiated in the police institution against 26 officers for the 2019 “uprising”, there are already two officers with injuries, 19 with charges and five under investigation, reported Deputy Minister for Decolonization, Pelagio Condori.

The two victims occurred over the weekend against the former commander of the General Police, Yuri Calderón, and the former commander of the Operational Tactics Unit (UTOP) of the Cochabamba Police, Nelson Flores.

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“It is the first (loss in Cochabamba) of the many that we will have. The Association of Wives and Passive Service is proclaimed in an emergency. At the national level it was the withdrawal of the police, then proceedings would have to be initiated against all police officers, not just some. It’s intimidating, ”said the wives representative, Ruth Ajacopa.

Both sectors do not rule out mobilizations and hunger strikes as protest measures. In the meantime, retired police officers will meet across the country to determine measures, Sector Representative Guido Omonte said.

You are appealing against Law 1387

Civic Community Parliamentarians (CC) and passive sector police officers filed an unconstitutional complaint in Sucre against three articles of Law 1387 on the Careers of Generals and Promotions of the Bolivian Police.

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