Police stop heavy gassing in Plan 3000 and avoid further arrests

Police officers stopped gassing protesters supporting the civil strike and gave up arresting the protagonists of the clashes after the police chief approached residents of Plan 3000, where there was a new clash between groups associated with the strike that Saturday and the Movement to Socialism (MA).

The calm came after a major gassing that reached several private homes on La Campana Avenue, forcing men and women to meet with police officers to ask them to stop the gassing.

The later leaders of the conflict informed their bases that they had reached an agreement with the commander of the Plan 3000 police, Colonel Erick Olguín, who stated that the police’s task was to restore peace and quiet in the area.

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However, he said that the perpetrators of the violence have been identified and that they will still not arrest any more as the main task is to restore public order.

The neighbors asked the police to check the MAS campaign house because the shock groups come from there.

They also gave members of the police force a bag of chemical protective caps that were collected by neighbors after the gassing on Friday night when civilian and law enforcement officers also clashed violently.

Amid a tense calm, the neighbors decided to recapture the blockade points while the police remained on alert for an impending confrontation.

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