Police rule out the death of minors in clashes in the three-thousand-meter plan

The three-thousand-meter-high plan was the epicenter of a violent day, sympathizers of the Movement towards Socialism (MAS) took to the streets again to clear the blockades put up by the residents of the area, the clashes forced the police to use chemical agents to remedy the situation to control .

At least nine people were arrested and two injured in yesterday’s crash. In addition, the death of a minor was recorded that some claimed had resulted from the skirmish, but police ruled out any connection with the clashes in the area.

Erick Olguín, commander of EPI 3, told El Deber that the clashes continued until 3 a.m. and that the detainees were in cells at the police station on the Plan Tres Mil roundabout. Regarding the injured, the authorities said that none were serious.

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According to the commander of EPI 3, the minor was on public roads with his relatives and after a fainting spell, he was treated immediately and transferred to the Virgen Milagrosa hospital.

The point of conflict was in the La Campana area, where the confrontation between the two sides was violent. According to the police report, the brawl lasted into the early hours of the morning. The prisoners were brought to the cells of the Plan 3000 police station, the two injured are not severe, according to the police.


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