Yesterday, the Cochabamba Police Department announced that Captain Marcelo GB, who had been accused of “police riot”, was absent for not attending the disciplinary hearing. The defense justified the absence for health reasons.

“The defendant could not be present for health reasons and the witnesses for the prosecution and defense, so a new date has been set,” said defense lawyer Antonio Albornoz.

Two weeks ago, Captain José V was also declared absent for his absence from his audience. However, he justified his shortcoming.

The complainant, corresponding with the Deputy Minister for Decolonization, Pelagio Condori, refrained from making any statements to the press.

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The government has filed a complaint through the Deputy Department for Decolonization against 26 police officers in the country who it accused of committing serious crimes under the Law on Police Disciplinary Regime during the so-called mutiny of November 2019.

To date, none of the disciplinary hearings has been conducted in the absence of the defendants, counsel or witnesses for the prosecution.

The disciplinary hearing against GB was scheduled for August 25th.


When the hearings began three weeks ago, the representative of the National Union of Relatives and Wives of NCOs, Sergeants, Corporals and Police, Ruth Ajacopa – before attending a rally with platforms in support of the defendants – stated that “they are unjustified” . and unfair trials ”.

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“We ask for impartiality so that the hearings are transparent,” he said.


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