Police registered 151 points of

At least 151 sporadic blockade points were registered across the country this Monday, which did not prevent the normal conduct of various activities in the nine departments, said police commander Colonel Jhonny Aguilera.

“At the national level (there were) around 151 blocking points, all of which had a sporadic character. In any case, we believe that a complete normal has occurred in both public and private development, ”he said in an interview with Btv.

Aguilera said officials in some municipal and departmental governments were forced to leave the fences that were preventing the free movement of motorized vehicles.

The cities of La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz were the places where most of the blockades against the bill against the legitimation of illegal profits, the persecution of opposition politicians, among others, were reported.

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In the capital Santa Cruz, the strike can be felt most strongly at various entrances, while in the seat of government there were only a few blockades in the center of the city, such as the south zone and part of the center and Miraflores. In this last quarter the police used chemical warfare agents.

In Cochabamba, several blockades that were registered in central avenues were intervened by the institution of order. In El Alto the panorama was different because it did not report any blockage.

In the cities of Oruro, Tarija, Beni and Sucre there were isolated blockades, while in Cobija and Trinidad activities developed relatively normally.

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