Police raid in Compipo and leaders say they go into hiding

The police searched the offices of the Potosinista Civic Committee (Comcipo) on Thursday evening according to a court order, a similar action was ordered to seize the house of the president of this institution, Juan Carlos Manuel Huallpa, and an arrest warrant is pending against his.

Roxana Grass, Comcipo secretary, pointed out that Juan Carlos Manuel Huallpa and the President of the Mobilization Committee, Ramiro Subia, were in hiding.

“Around 9:00 pm (the police) came near the residence of the President of the Mobilization Committee Ramiro Subia. They came in abruptly to arrest him, but they arrested his brother Freddy Subía. Grass said being in contact with Red Uno pointed out that she did not know if the police officers were confused, but said the family was looking for the detainee.

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“Thank goodness Ramiro Subia went into hiding,” he said, adding that Juan Carlos Manuel Huallpa was also in hiding.

The third investigating magistrate of the capital and province, Tomás Frías of the Department of Potosí, issued the “search, search, search and kidnapping warrant” for the State Ministry in order to comply with the support of public authorities.

The raid was carried out on the civic facility, the concierge and her son reported that police had broken in and forcibly opened office doors.

“They entered by force. At first they knocked on the door as if they were kicking and we left in fear. At that time he just walked in, “the goalkeeper’s son told Fides Service Potosí over the radio.

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He said they could not see if they had taken any items or documents because they were ordered to “step forward” during the search.

The order also ordered a search of the house of the President of Compipo, Juan Carlos Manuel, located on Calle Asunción between Hermanos Ortega, in the San Roque area.


Before finding out about the raids, hundreds of police officers with protective equipment were evicted from Cochabamba, La Paz, Santa Cruz and Tarija to Potosí tonight.


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