Police raid Comcipo, report the arrest of Pumari and search for civilians

Amid the secrecy of the police authorities and the government ministry, a group of police officers intervened at the headquarters of the Potosinist Citizens Committee (Comcipo) last night to arrest the president of this organization, Juan Carlos Manuel, and other leading figures in the marches and the citizens’ strike that they carried out last month led to demand the repeal of Law 1386.

In another operation, the former Potosí civic leader Marco Pumari was arrested for fear of burning the department’s electoral court in 2019.

Last night, about fifty police officers guarded the entrances from the streets to the Citizens Committee Headquarters and adjacent streets while another group of agents left the property, as seen on a video broadcast from El Potosí at around 9:00 p.m.

Last night the police, carrying guns and riot gear, refused to let the press in, but then withdrew amid protests from a group of neighbors who left their homes and called for their presence.

It was later revealed that the property had been raided in accordance with a court order, a similar measure was ordered to confiscate the home of the institution’s president, Juan Carlos Manuel Huallpa, and an arrest warrant has been placed against him, according to the ANF -Report.

The third investigating magistrate of the capital and province of Tomás Frías of the Potosí department issued the “search, search, seizure and kidnapping warrant” to allow the State Ministry to comply with the support of the public authorities, according to the document left behind in Compipo after the raid would.

After the complete withdrawal of the police force, the residents decided to stand guard in front of the doors of the citizens’ committee. “We will not allow our leaders to be arrested, we must arrest all of the Potosinos because we have all patched up and supported the civil strike,” said a neighbor.

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The facility’s vice president Nelson Gutiérrez said some decisions will be made today but called the warrants’ arrest and search warrants “political persecution”. He said this attitude shows that “there is no such thing as democracy, we are in a dictatorship,” he told Fides.

As of midnight, at the time of going to press, there was no confirmation that any of the leaders had been arrested. The police did not provide any information.

The reactions were not long in coming, the former President Carlos Mesa wrote on his Twitter account: “The intervention at Compipo with the use of the worst military dictatorships describes the moral level of this government. Another example of the autocracy we suffer from. Before the international community he condemned the humiliations Potosí is suffering today ”.

Another operation had been registered with Ramiro Subia, the president of the mobilization committee, with the intention of arresting him, but they could not have found him, Compipo moralization secretary Roxana Graz told Red Uno.

The order, signed by Judge José Torrez Alvarez, lists four people charged with alleged perpetration of the crimes of attempted aggravated robbery, the destruction or deterioration of state property, and the prevention or obstruction of the exercise of functions. They are Juan Carlos Manuel Huallpa, Edwin Ariel Copa Soto, Marco Antonio Alurralde Loayza and Alexander Mamani Paco.

Faced with this situation, the Santa Cruz Cíviso Committee declared itself in distress and convened a meeting today.

Civil and political parties reject the intervention

Two public statements by the Pro Santa Cruz Citizens ‘Committee and another by Creemos formed the first reactions to a police operation in Potosí during which the offices of the Department’s Citizens’ Committee were searched.

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“We condemn before public opinion and the international community that a strong police force was mobilized from other regions of the country, arrived in Potosi and violently entered the headquarters of the Comité Civico Potosinista (Comcipo) to arrest the citizens’ leaders of that region. ““, It says in the first part of the announcement of Santa Cruz.

On this Thursday, it became known that almost a thousand police officers from four departments had been transferred to the imperial villa. Although the Potosinos civilly denounce that it is an operation to catch them. Aside from the Santa Cruz Civil Declaration, the leaders of Creemos also published a document denouncing and condemning the police mobilization that it is carried out in order to intimidate the citizens of Potosí.

“We reject these government measures against the leaders of Compipo. At the same time, we extend all our solidarity to the people of Potosí and their leaders who defend democracy and the interests of their region. In the event that the government continues with this insane authoritarian approach, we will take active support measures, ”said the document of this political force.

Uniforms from different regions

As of yesterday afternoon, various reports, including from national television channels, reported that hundreds of police officers were leaving La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz for Potosí to arrest the citizens’ leaders who took part in the protests on November 8th and 9th.

The departure of further buses was reported from Cochabamba; In addition, photos were made available of the buses leaving this city, which were always manned by police officers. He said that initially there was talk of an “intensification of the mining conflict”, but later the version that civil leaders were being arrested was discussed.


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