Police are asking Interpol to activate the blue stamp against Antonio Parada for drop ghost items

National Director of the Special Unit to Fight Crime (Felcc), Jhonny Chávez, reported Friday that Interpol was required to activate the Blue Notice against Antonio Parada, who allegedly diverted Santa Cruz municipal resources through the creation of “ghost items.” “and also participated in a similar event registered with the National Health Fund (CNS).

“Yesterday the director of Interpol was given the conditions so that the international publication of the blue complaint against Antonio Parada and others could be carried out by the relevant section. As soon as the relevant formalities have been completed, the information will be exchanged with our colleagues” from other countries “, said Chavez to Unitel.

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A few days ago, Government Minister Eduardo del Castillo reported that it was unofficially known that Parada had left the country “a few weeks ago before he gave testimony” to the public prosecutor’s office.

In this context, Chávez asserted that Parada “did not officially register his departure”, so that it is suspected that he fled the country via one of the unauthorized border points and is currently in Brazil.

“A vote will be held with the Brazilian authorities to find out whether this citizen is there or has been arrested. It is unofficial that he is in Brazil,” he said.

He added that the case was in the preparatory phase and raids continue like those carried out in recent hours at a financial institution and a cooperative where two were involved in the incident.

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The Brazilian federal police posted a certificate on their website on Thursday stating that Parada does not reserve any criminal offenses in the neighboring country.

Parada, along with other irregular contracts within the National Health Fund (CNS), is the primary investigation into the 800 ghost objects in the Santa Cruz community.


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