Phantom objects: Sosa appears to testify to the prosecutor and assure her that she is calm

Former Santa Cruz Mayoress Angélica Sosa appeared this Thursday to testify before prosecutors in the case called “ghost objects”. After his admission, he assured me that he would be calm and seek justice.

“It is being investigated and I want to find out, and I come as a witness to give everything I know,” said the former mayor before entering.

Sosa was summoned as a witness.

Alleged phantom objects that would have caused economic damage are examined. The main participant is the former HR manager Antonio Parada, who has already left the country.

Sosa’s lawyer, Xerxes Justiniano, assured that his client would offer to testify.

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However, according to the lawyer, Sosa has “very great doubts” that there are “ghost” objects due to the existing control procedure; however, he stated that it should be investigated.


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