Phantom objects case: one of the main defendants appears at the prosecutor's office

Julio César Herbas Aguilera, one of the main participants in the case of the 800 ghost objects in the office of the mayor of Santa Cruz, appeared at 12 noon this Friday at the prosecutor’s office to testify.

Herbas is alleged to have recruited citizens to join the Santa Cruz city council as workers without performing any functions but receiving a percentage of their salary, according to El Deber.

“I have nothing to hide. I will work with the judiciary and you will find out what I will say,” Herbas limited himself to answering before entering the public ministry building.

According to two witnesses who volunteered to appear at the prosecutor’s office last Wednesday, Herbas, a former civil servant, had contacted them to request their files with a promise to link them as mayor’s officials; They never worked, however, but received between 300 and 400 bolivianos per month for the defendants.

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