The mayor of Santa Cruz canceled the order prohibiting officials from disclosing any information about the ghost items in the case

Santa Cruz Mayor Percy Fernández denied that Unidad Cívica Solidaria (UCS) had an agreement with Percy Fernández’s Santa Cruz para Todos (SCT) group for 600 items and contracts.

“If you summon me, I will give the information, I will give everything I know so that it is clear once and for all who the culprits are,” said the mayor, quoted by El Deber.

The city council refused to provide any details on the case, claiming that it would testify to the prosecutor when she was summoned.

Former interim mayor of Santa Cruz, Angélica Sosa, told prosecutors that current mayor Jhonny Fernández has a quota of 600 articles and contracts under a political agreement.

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“From 2015 to 2020, through a political agreement signed by (the current former mayor) Percy Fernández with the UCS (Unidad Cívica Solidaridad), headed by Mr. Jhonny Fernández Saucedo, my person being present at the signing of this agreement was, (…) UCS had a large number of contract items (and) I make it clear that there were more than 600 people between items and contracts, ”Sosa said, according to the press.

Sosa was arrested yesterday in the case of the 800 phantom objects and presented to prosecutors until 3:00 a.m. on Wednesday.


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