Felcc hijacks spreadsheets, memos, and cashier's checks linked to the Ghost Items case

At least ten entities in Santa Cruz are in some way implicated in the ghost objects case. According to the investigative data, each company received between two and 150 assignments assigned by the Santa Cruz Township Human Resources Department.

Councilor Federico Morón (CA) said El Deber had identified 4,195 people with observations in their recruitment process in the preliminary analysis of the records. However, these were endorsed by various institutions, among which he mentioned presidents of professional associations, business people, former councilors, former secretaries, political parties, election control and some institutions, among others.

Morón said different numbers were identified in this group of observed officials. On the one hand, there are those who never seemed to vote and, on the other hand, there are employees who were present only once to sign the attendance for the whole month.

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“Every year staff came and went because (the directorate) human resources was treated like a box of favors,” Councilor Morón said in time to detail that each institution had benefited from two or more than 150 contracts.

The El Deber newspaper reported that the documents of the observed recruitment had been sent to the prosecutor with the names of the beneficiaries and the alleged endorsement they had for the position. The data correspond to the period from December 2020 to today. A similar procedure has been identified in previous administrations, for example as examined in the Phantom Items from 2014 to 2018.

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“It’s a corruption mechanism, a corruption pact,” accused Morón.

In the case of ghost items, several former officials of the Santa Cruz mayor’s office and the former mayors Angélica Sosa and Percy Fernández are under investigation.


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