Phantom articles: City councils request a list of contracts and give the modus operandi.  free

The Santa Cruz Parish Council’s Special Commission decided to request the list of contracts from the parish’s previous administration and to retain the lawsuit against Antonio Parada, the lead investigator into the alleged 800 phantom objects.

“First of all, we ask that you can send us a list of all personnel contracts for the management from 2013 to 2018. In addition, all of the management personnel dismissed from the attendance list from 2013 to 2018, ”he said Councilor Manuel Saavedra, quoted by El Deber.

Regarding the modus operandi, Saavedra said that these officials did not record their presence in the mayor’s biometric system because they were released from this register without explanation.

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“When we see large numbers of unjustified dismissals, it is good information to identify the spirits. The crime was committed by whoever hired and borrowed his name so that an out of work salary could be collected. The executive is responsible for controlling the staff, it’s not just Parada, there must be people in higher power who supported it, ”he said.

Previously, former Justice Minister José Negrete came to the prosecutor’s office to testify on the case and stated that it was “impossible” for phantom objects to exist.

Negrete stated that the recruiting manual had a bullet “70 steps in the flowchart for hiring and 52 for temporary workers”.

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The former official said that in order to enter the community, workers would be required to provide, among other things, an affidavit of assets and income, an ID card, an examination with the National Health Fund, and other documents.

“If I had to bring non-existent people, where would all of this come from? This documentation is in the personnel files, why not ask about the files and analyze them, ”asked Negrete.


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