Phantom article: Public prosecutor lists requirements and applies for protection for whistleblowers

The public prosecutor’s office, dispatched from Sucre to Santa Cruz de la Sierra, began its work on Friday in the proceedings opened by Mayors Percy Fernández and Angélica Sosa by the alleged existence of 800 ghost objects.

The Chief Public Prosecutor Gonzalo Aparicio reported that this commission, consisting of three prosecutors, including one specialized in corruption offenses, had already examined the background of the case, analyzed the available documents and provided additional information on the matter from the current authorities of the Mayor’s Office of Santa Cruz.

He pointed out that this team of prosecutors had already carried out oversight work on the work of the prosecutor in charge of the case.

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Upon completion of this work, he said the requirements and procedural measures were ready to be used immediately to commence the investigation of the case and establish responsibilities.

It also reported that the Directorate for the Protection of Victims and Witnesses had been asked to provide protection to the person who reported the case, as he reported in recent days that he had been the victim of threats to himself and family members .

For her part, the Minister of the Presidency, María Nela Prada, asked the courts to take the appropriate measures to combat corruption that has been registered in the previous municipalities of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

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