PGE 2022: 43% of current spending is on salaries of teachers and health workers

Of the 45,235 million Bolivians allocated for salaries and wages by the General State Budget Project (PGE) in 2022, 19,489 million will be allocated to the remuneration of teaching, medical and administrative tax staff working in first, second and third tier hospitals is used by the health services of the department (headquarters). The information was provided by the Deputy Minister for Budget and Financial Accounting, Zenón Mamani.

Another component of this post is used to pay the state police and armed forces with 11 percent, a budget is guaranteed for municipal officials with 7.5 percent; Salaries for public universities, social security agencies, 8 percent and public corporations 6 percent, according to a bulletin.

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The PGE 2022 consists of 580 institutions, including but not limited to municipalities, governments, public universities, social security institutions, decentralized institutions and public administration.

The vice minister stated that there will be natural growth to meet current expenses. The categories of apprenticeships are increasing, so their remuneration tends to increase annually. The same situation arises with the upgraded health workers, the same happens with the armed forces and the national police.

“59 percent correspond to the health services of the department (headquarters), the social security agencies and the tax office,” he said.


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