Percy Fernández's testimony in the

Former Santa Cruz de la Sierra Mayor Percy Fernández’s informative statement was set for Jan. 19 because at least 800 “ghost” objects were created in the Santa Cruz de la Sierra mayor’s office, prosecutor Javier Cordero reported on Friday.

A report is awaited from investigators assigned to the case to determine whether the prosecution commission can visit the ex-mayor’s home or be considered due to the “other possibility”, i.e. a virtual route Covid-19 pandemic, to collect his version of the complaint investigating him.

“It is important that the prosecutors and investigators from the FELCC and IDIF personnel are obviously present in this procedural file in order to be able to protect health and the fundamental right or the right to insanity, which benefits all investigations.” , held.

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In recent days, Fernández’s defense and family have requested that the trial against him be stayed, taking into account his age of 82 and his physical and mental health.

However, Cordero said that requirement corresponds to a “different area of ​​procedure” for which he confirmed the former agency’s citation for Jan. 19.

In the same case, former mayor Angélica Sosa is being held in detention in Palmasola prison for a period of four months, along with other former officials of the Municipality of Santa Cruz.


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