Percy Fernández's family challenges the IDIF report and describes it as offensive

Percy Fernández’s family has denied the Forensic Research Institute (IDIF) report that concluded that the former Santa Cruz mayor has “most of his preserved cognitive functions,” but warns of suspicion that he had his cognitive difficulties would simulate or amplify.

“It is insulting and aggressive to the family that the expert is unaware of the apparent mental and physical health of Percy Fernández Añez and that she says that this sad state of health is simulated when a tomogram shows seven heart attacks were diagnosed in addition to several physical diseases, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and diabetes, presented in the brain and a valve in the brain, “read part of the statement released by the family.

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“We challenge the psychological report and therefore ask your worthy authorities to order the psychiatric report,” he says.

Percy Fernández’s investigation was carried out by forensic psychologist Silvana Paola Barrientos after his family issued a memorial warning that the former mayor could not defend himself in the case of phantom objects due to his deteriorated and critical mental state. physical health that it would prevent understanding of what is going on in the process.


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