Penitentiary system: Medical Association rules out Áñez's admission

Prison health chief Mariana García reported that the medical association, which today assessed the state of health of former President Jeanine Áñez, had ruled out admission to a health center.

“The conclusion is drawn, which is confirmed by all the specialists who attended this meeting, that Ms. (Áñez) is currently stable. He does not have any kind of decompensation in his chronic pathology that endangers his life and will therefore continue the treatment previously imposed, ”García said at a press conference.

García said Áñez would stay in Miraflores prison and gave assurances that his health would be monitored by doctors from the medical association. He also said the family was informed of the health status, adding that details of the treatment or the ex-president’s supplemental results will not be disclosed.

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On the other hand, the prison director, Juan Carlos Limpias, pointed out that Carolina Riber, Áñez’s daughter, was attending the meeting and announced that the family would receive a copy of the medical history on Monday.

“The treatments practically agreed this morning among all the professionals show that they do not need an external hospitalization, that the treatment of the pathologies they have in the same prison can be carried out under the current conditions that they already have,” said Limpias .

The Medical Association was announced after a controversy arose over Añez’s being transferred to medical centers to conduct medical studies amid complaints from family and lawyers about his deteriorating health.

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