Peñaranda denounces that “digital warriors” hacked and deleted his Twitter account

The journalist Raúl Peñaranda denounced this Friday that his Twitter account with 37,000 followers was probably hacked by “digital warriors” of the ruling party and later eliminated. He also said the Twitter company did not offer a collaboration to restore his account.

“Someone managed to hack my account by getting my password and then when they became an administrator they deleted it,” Peñaranda told Página Siete, a newspaper he is the founder of.

The journalist said he had more than 37,000 followers. He is considered a critical journalist for the MAS government and is currently the local authority delegate for the bicentenary of the La Paz City Autonomous Government (Gamlp).

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“This is undoubtedly the work of the MAS ‘digital warriors’ trying to prevent full freedom of expression. They do. The recently circulated video showing a team of these “digital warriors” shows how they do the job of discrediting, attacking and hacking accounts, “he said.


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