Passive police service prepares a complaint to the TCP against the transport law

Following the promulgation of the Bolivian Police General Careers and Promotion Act, the passive sector of Cochabamba reported that it was preparing an unconstitutional lawsuit against the law for “violating” the institution’s organic law. In the meantime, the government ministry has imposed new sergeant degrees under the new regulations.

“The law has been approved, it has already been published in the Official Gazette and we have prepared a constitutional complaint, also in the name of the property, to the Constitutional Court of Sucre, where several MPs and senators (of the opposition) are signing,” said the representative of the passive sector of Cochabamba , Guido Omonte.

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The law was quietly promulgated on August 16 by President Luis Arce. This norm includes the government minister in the organic structure of the command of the Institution of Order, a point observed by the passive sector, the opposition, the platforms and the Conade, as they believe that the institution politicizes and violates organic law would.

“Hopefully the process runs its course and is void,” he said.


The Promotion Act designates generals (colonel, first and major), chiefs (colonel, lieutenant colonel, major, officers, captain, lieutenant and sub-lieutenant), non-commissioned officers (colonel, major, first, second) and sergeants (major, first, Second and Sergeant).


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