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Reports from uniformed men, videos and testimony from residents of Villa Fátima show that the “civilians who invaded the police” who operated in the Adepcoca conflict in September were not only part of the shock groups against civil protests, but also officials from the government ministry, in which they are organized.

“Damn 55%, damn 55%,” shouted interior regime director Marco Antonio Accounts Flores at a rally of radical groups defending the MAS government on August 5th, closing electoral and democracy fraud, “the National Committee shouted Defense of Democracy (Conade) and the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia (Apdhdb) at the Villazón Bridge.

On the 24th of the same month, Accounts and another group of domestic regime officials shouted and applauded, “Murderer, murderer” outside the Unimed clinic in the Sopocachi area; It was the choir addressed to former President Jeanine Áñez who was brought to this medical center for a psychological examination that day. “I came by and found out that Ms. Jeanine Áñez was hospitalized. Outraged, I came to protest because the woman pretends to be the victim, ”protested Accounts in front of the microphones of Red Uno and Radio Éxito.

In this supposed spontaneous demonstration by citizens who rejected the alleged “privileges” of the former president during her imprisonment, the person responsible for conflict prevention Marco Antonio Balderrama and the lawyer for the internal regime, Nadia Anave, were also caught. Between insults and complaints to the ex-president, the three stayed in place until the ex-president was taken away by ambulance.

Based on information from militants of the “Political Instrument”, Accounts operated together with officials from other ministries with poor results in the election campaigns of César Dockweiler (for the mayor of La Paz) and Franklin Flores (for the government of La Paz). . “This type of organization is still coordinated in the House of the People,” affirmed members of the MAS, who oppose the practice of “improvised people and their leaders”.

“These cells” and “cadres in training” work from the same sources on an improvised operational plan that tries to mimic the police structure with the advice of former police chiefs. They suspect that this is how they decided to use their version of the “revolutionary militant” and to intervene “as agents of chaos” during the conflict between the government and the Yungas’ departmental association of coca producers (Adpecoca) in September.


“There were two (intruders) here (points to the corners of Huancané Street), one threw dynamite there (from a vantage point with a yellow railing onto another street), it was a fat man who was on the bars, there is a video, and next to him was a policeman who said nothing to him. So all the neighbors went out to throw them away and they threw dynamite at us, even a woman fell down here, she appeared on the news (…) it was all a war, ”Milenka said to Página Siete.

She is a neighbor on Huancané Street in the Villa Fátima district, just a few blocks from the Adepcoca market, who, like seven other witnesses, has requested that her identity be withheld. The event took place on September 23rd.

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On that day, the coca market was under the control of the faction of MAS leader Arnold Alanes. According to Milenka and her neighbors, the five civilians who pelted them with dynamite were recorded by the media and by themselves. The images appear on social media.

That day, the detonations affected five houses, one of which lost all of its glass. Products and a metal fence at a neighborhood store were also destroyed, and holes were left in the concrete of the sidewalk and in the asphalt of the street.

“There were young people who confronted the police about these intruders but (the uniformed men) didn’t tell them about what they threw dynamite,” Milenka said.

Neighbors and the reports of troops who were in that place that day also confirmed Página Siete the same version. One of the “intruders” was identified as the director of the domestic regime. A police chief said that if the presence of accounts in Adepcoca was confirmed in the media images, it could do so from the night of Nov.

The bill was presented that day as part of the advance group of government minister Eduardo del Castillo, who later arrived at these facilities and supported Alanes, the self-proclaimed president of Adepcoca, in a press conference.

According to information posted on their social networks, Accounts and her group of officials belong to the Columna Sur, which also includes former Senate President Adriana Salvatierra and Minister Del Castillo.

During the “live” broadcast from ATB Digital on September 24th, Accounts appears at various times of the video (for example at 11:40, 14:05 and 16:08 minutes) along with other civilians in the midst of the police guarding them Streets. The civilian intruders, along with the officers who commanded the repression of coca farmers who opposed Alanes, moved without problems on Arapata Street, parallel to Huancané Street.

Rucksacks and explosives

“Come on, come on, go forward without fear,” one officer called in the video; At this moment, the other masked civilians, who are recognized by the neighbors, appear. These had large fireworks and were recorded in various locations tampering with the backpacks that are believed to be carrying the dynamite.

Neighbors described in detail, supported by the videos, that the group led by Accounts accompanied the policemen’s journey to Huancané Street; There, several neighbors tried to throw them away after they were seen throwing dynamite at coca farmers and breaking the glass due to the shock waves.

The neighbors kept asking the police on Las Américas Avenue for help and identified the hooded men carrying the explosives, but ignored them.

Life in danger

Two other neighbors reported in detail that the civilian identified as Accounts stopped at a corner of Huancané Street and three of his companions were in the lower part. One of them, “a fat man dressed in black,” threw dynamite at a woman who fell to the ground in shock with a cartridge whose fuse had gone a few inches to detonate.

It was the desperate reaction of another neighbor who “pulled the fallen man by the hair” and dragged him along for a few meters, which prevented a disaster and “saved her from losing her legs” due to the explosion that left a notorious hole in the asphalt.

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Owners denounced that the dynamite thrown by these criminals affected two stores, bricks for sale, and glass from at least five houses.

On October 1st, this medium published the report: “Infiltrados” and “Launches Dynamites” question the police. In it, the neighbors, with the support of videos, denounced the “men with the hood” who were causing unrest in Villa Fátima, Villa El Carme and the surrounding areas where the confrontations between the police and the coca farmers of Adepcoca took place.


Minister Del Castillo and Vice Minister Nelson Cox accused and alleged the version that the Yungas coca farmers were violent and attacked the uniformed men with dynamite. The neighbors showed the pictures they had taken themselves and regretted this position.

When asked whether he had identified these intruders, the police commander-general Jhonny Aguilera confirmed yesterday that there was no ongoing investigation.

“When it comes to a crime, one must first find an action that has to be embedded in a typicality (…) It is a matter of matters relating to events that are not part of a criminal structure; therefore they do not deserve the police’s attention; however, the necessary precautions are being taken to ensure that it does not happen again in the future, ”replied General Aguilera.

In October the commandant’s response was urgent: “They don’t exist. It is not impossible. I can reliably guarantee that it is impossible that even half will be infiltrated, that is not possible. We have a doctrine, we work to restore order, not to create disorder ”.

On September 29, Vice Minister Cox qualified the use of dynamite as vandalism, which is why he requested an investigation by the public prosecutor. He assured that the secret service employees had already identified those who had committed these crimes and announced that they would be presented to the population.

Cox confirmed with respect to the members of the Cochala Juvenile Resistance (RJC) that they did not deserve the presumption of innocence given the evidence alleged against them. In this case, the status of the investigation into the intruders in the Adepcoca conflicts is not yet known.


Through the communications department of the government ministry, Página Siete asked for interviews with the director Marco Accounts, but there was no answer. That medium has been searching the Vice Department for the three officers since Thursday, November 4th, and the director’s cell phone number has been called several times.

Accounts replied twice, the first time apologizing and asking to be called at a different time because he was in a meeting. On the second occasion he said he was not authorized to testify and would ask for permission, he would no longer answer his cell phone.

The complainants questioned and requested an investigation into the practices of these groups and the accountability of the officials in charge of the operations in the Adepcoca conflicts, as well as an investigation into the responsibilities of the superiors of the officials involved. “Who will deliver the intelligence to you?” They asked.


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