Parada's sister refrains from declaring phantom items on a case-by-case basis, and the prosecution releases her

María Isabel Parada, the sister of Antonio Parada, who was being investigated in the Santa Cruz Mayor’s office for the alleged 800 ghost items, abstained and was released after 8 hours in detention, Prosecutor Marcela Terceros reported.

“While observing and examining the evidence that we have near the notebook, it was determined that the arrest has ceased, but the investigation of the lady appears to be ongoing and she must be present at all subpoenas,” said third parties. of contact with the Santa Cruz media.

The prosecutor pointed out that the woman had not made a statement. “It is a constitutional right granted by the legislature,” he added.

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María Isabel Parada was arrested this Tuesday morning as part of a series of raids carried out by members of the Special Unit to Combat Crime (Felcc) and the prosecutor’s office against a suspected network of corruption in the Santa Cruz municipality.


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