Parada's sister arrested for ghost items

María Isabel Parada, sister of Antonio Parada, who was chiefly investigated in the case of the allegedly 800 ghost objects in the Santa Cruz mayor’s office, was arrested in a building in the capital of Santa Cruz to make her revealing statement.

According to the Unitel network, the arrest took place in a house in the Urbarí area.

Prosecutors and police carried out at least five raids on buildings in Parada and other alleged parties as of Tuesday morning.

Santa Cruz Mayor’s General Director of Legal Affairs Ever Mérida has confirmed to Red Uno that Parada has been arrested and that she is under investigation for the crime of facilitating illicit enrichment.

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According to preliminary information, Parada owns at least six properties. The whereabouts of the former officer is unknown.

Yesterday, prosecutors issued an arrest warrant against former Santa Cruz mayor and brother Guillermo Parada for allegedly manufacturing 800 phantom items and causing economic damage to the state by 200 million Bolivians.


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