Parada rejects the existence of

Former personnel chief of the Santa Cruz mayor’s office and the main defendant in the phantom property case, Antonio Parada, denied the allegation and condemned extortion by his ex-partner Valeria Rodríguez.

“I’m going to file a complaint for extortion, because there is no other way of calling it. What started with a family affair, ended in a false report and was later posed by the media and politics for allegedly 800 articles in order to bring a character to the market. It has neither head nor feet, they just start to create controversy, “he told the Gigavisión network.

The former officer, who has already been arrested, avoided disclosing his whereabouts and said he was afraid for his life.

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“I feel hurt, without legal certainty and I can only tell you that I am safe. I’m afraid for myself, for my family, because this woman wanted to denigrate me, she has already destroyed my life, she has messed with everyone without thinking, ”he said.

Rodríguez, who denounced the existence of the ghost objects, contradicted Parada.

“I don’t have to extort money from the father of my children,” said the woman quoted by El Deber and denied knowing where Parada was.


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