PAHO / WHO in Bolivia suggests completing the vaccination schedule before considering a third dose of anticovid

Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization (PAHO / WHO) representative in Bolivia, Alma Morales, reiterated this Tuesday that the vaccination regimen should be completed against the coronavirus before considering a third dose of second doses.

“The appeal to the population is that we focus on completing the schedules, we have the first dose and the second dose, i.e. she said when asked about it.

A day earlier, Health and Sports Minister Jeyson Auza had said that it was not possible to give a third dose against the coronavirus because it was not approved by the WHO.

“A third dose is a decision of each country, today there is still no position to say we all go to the third dose, but each country evaluates it according to its epidemiological profile, it depends on the vaccine it uses to have.” ” he added.

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The Scientific Committee of the Medical College of Cochabamba found in a study that people vaccinated against the coronavirus must receive a booster or a third dose after eight months.


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