Over 18 can already be vaccinated and 6 million more doses are arriving

President Luis Arce announced yesterday that the government is purchasing 6 million doses of Sinopharm, which will arrive between July and August, and from tomorrow those over 18 can be vaccinated to guarantee and strengthen the immunization process against Covid-19 in the country .

Arce also ensured the arrival of 500,000 first cans of Sputnik V, in addition to 725,000 second cans between July and September.

In a televised message, Arce also guaranteed that new batches of vaccine would arrive in the next few days before the 90-day deadline for the second dose, an issue that has caused public concern due to the delay.

“We decided to extend the vaccination process from the age of 18. Thus, the first and second dose of the vaccine will be available to the entire vaccinable population, ”said Arce, emphasizing that Bolivia is one of the first countries to take such a measure.

The President confirmed that this new measure will be guaranteed with the arrival of “more than 8 million vaccines” in the coming months and reiterated his call to vaccinate the population and avoid getting involved in “disinformation campaigns”.

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“In July, 225,000 second cans of Sputnik will arrive. In August another 400,000 and finally in September we will have 100,000 more second cans. We are working on the logistics that will allow the second doses to arrive before the 90 days required between the first and second vaccines, ”he announced.

In total, the president assured that 8,133,000 new vaccine doses will arrive in the country in the next two months, including 1008,000 Jhonson & Jhonson Janssen donated by the US government under the Covax system.

According to official figures, 2,590,835 have so far been given between first and second doses of the Sputnik V, AstraZeneca, Sinopharm and Pfizer vaccines, and when vaccination begins in people over the age of 18, they are expected to reach a vaccinable population of 7,180,428 People.


President Arce insisted that coordination between central government and regional and local governments was essential as “responsibilities are shared”.

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“The national government enables massive tests, supplies vaccines and grants resources. The governors and mayors, in turn, must provide medicines, supplies, oxygen and equipment. He said.

Arce said that although the latest infection reports suggest the country is registering a “de-escalation” of the third wave, regional authorities and the general population have asked to prepare for a fourth peak of the disease due to the new disease variants, so that “All preventive measures must be taken and the forms of containment improved”.

Strategy with subnationals

Given the real possibility of a fourth wave of Covid-19 infections, President Luis Arce said they had announced through the Ministry of Health that subnational governments and social security through their headquarters are making the following provisions: Active case surveillance; provide sufficient medication and medication in sufficient quantities for intensive care; Introduction of early oxygen therapy centers; Providing protective equipment for medical personnel; During this time, expand the resolution capacities of the institutions on the second and third level and implement a communicative awareness-raising strategy.


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