Other sectors are joining the citizen strike, threatening the government and allies

A few hours before the mobilizations tomorrow and Monday, with the recent commitment to the strike by the mayors of Cochabamba and La Paz, tensions are rising between the bloc, which is pressuring and guaranteeing peaceful actions without “political burden”, and the MAS sector and its own Allies who insist that “the right wing” seeks to destabilize the government and cement impunity.

The national citizens’ movement has set a strike of at least 10 points for Monday, including rejecting the bill against the legitimation of illegal profits and the entire package of regulations violating people’s rights and stopping the persecution of opponents.

In addition to threats from the COB and Csutcb to respond violently to protests by citizens, members of the MAS assembly yesterday called on the Santa Cruz Prosecutor’s Office and Police Command to intervene in the roadblocks and guarantee free passage.

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The mayor’s office of Cochabamba will adhere to the civil strike called for Monday at the request of the unions and that the day not worked will be counted towards vacation or the hours will be replaced, said spokesman Henry Rico.

The mayor of La Paz, Iván Arias, announced that he would abide by the 24-hour strike despite the government banning the state authorities from paralyzing their activities.

Labor Director General Arturo Alessandri recalled that the Ministry of Labor had issued a statement stating that the working day corresponding to Monday 11 October was “absolutely normal” in view of the announcement of a citizens’ strike.

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“The absence or absence from work will therefore be reported as an unjustified absence, subject to appropriate economic or administrative sanctions,” the statement said.

The truck calls the “Wiphalazo”

Vice President David Choquehuanca said the mobilizations announced by opposition sectors seek impunity while people demand justice and economic growth.

“They strive for impunity; What the Bolivian people are looking for (is) justice, what the Bolivian people are looking for is stability, economic growth and we are here to work, guarantee justice, guarantee stability, guarantee fraternity and unity, ”Choquehuanca said in an earlier Mobilization for the economic reactivation summit in El Alto.

He explained that everyone should take part in the “Wiphalazo” as it was called for by social organizations.


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