Oscar Ortiz reveals that he was at the request of Salvatierra and Rivero.  went to UCB

After testifying before prosecutors in the “Coup d’état” case, former Senator Oscar Ortiz confirmed that no one was discussed at the November 2019 meeting he attended at the Bolivian Catholic University (UCB) would preside over the estate.

Ortiz said he attended the November 12, 2019 meeting because Movement for Socialism (MAS) representatives Susana Rivero and Adriana Salvatierra asked for their presence in order to have a legislative counterpart.

At this meeting, the political situation in the country, in the midst of upheaval and after the resignation of Evo Morales, was discussed.

Ortiz said no succession decision was made at that meeting. “At first no decision was made because I also said that I have no qualifications as an individual to represent a group of parliamentarians who obviously think differently,” he said.

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He stated that he came to the meeting when it had started. On arrival, he met with the two MAS MPs and, after they had finished, reported what they had discussed at the dialogue table.

According to Ortiz, lawmakers have called for the Plurinational Legislative Assembly to “recompose its policies” as the presidents of both chambers have resigned.

“The constitutional succession was not discussed,” Ortiz said, noting that no decisions were made because he could not represent all MPs on his bench, a situation similar to Salvatierra and Rivero.

“Then we withdrew, understanding that we were all committed to making the legislative session viable in your two chambers on the afternoon of November 12,” he said.

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Doria Medina and Justiniano in the crosshairs

Prosecutor Omar Mejillones reported yesterday that a commission of prosecutors will be meeting to draw up a list of those who will be summoned to testify. Among those mentioned were Samuel Dorian Medina and Xerxes Justiniano due to the “Coup” case of 2019.

“I will meet with the commission in order to be able to carry out the procedure, and in the next week I will also have a list with some names of people who will make the testimony (…). Mr (Carlos) Alarcón, Mr Xerxes Justiniano, there is Mr Roberto Moscoso, later also Doria Medina and other people who are in the report of the Bishops’ Conference ”, reported Mejillones.


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