Orlando Gutiérrez case: he testified and the hypothesis is that the leader fell

As part of the investigation into Orlando Gutiérrez’s death, prosecutors received testimony from a witness and confirmed that the hypothesis of the case is that the mining supervisor fell before his death in 2020.

“As was said at the beginning, it can be assumed that it would have fallen. We already have the place where the event would have taken place, it would be at his home. For this purpose, the report will later be kept, the record of the scene, ”said Prosecutor Dubravka Jordán.

Gutiérrez died in October last year after several days of convalescence in a clinic in La Paz. At that time the version was spread that he had been attacked after the parliamentary elections, but the family initially prevented the police from carrying out an initial investigation.

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Prosecutor Jordán stated that the witness was a friend of Gutiérrez through her husband. She was brought to testify in accordance with an arrest warrant issued for her appearance.

The representative from the Ministry of Public Affairs reiterated that the statement “relates to the fact that it was a fall” what happened to Orlando Gutiérrez.

He also stressed that at no point did the State Department mention that a third person existed to bring Gutiérrez down. He asked not to give false information or make suggestions that were not mentioned by the prosecutor.

He announced that with appropriate expertise it could now be finally clarified what would have happened in connection with the death of Orlando Gutiérrez.

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