Orlando Gutiérrez case: Expert opinion will determine whether the fall was accidental or from

After visually examining and reconstructing the facts of Orlando Gutiérrez’s death, prosecutors said they would await the results of the expert reviews to determine whether the mine operator’s fall was accidental or a “murderous hand”. “

Gutiérrez died in October last year after several days of convalescence in a clinic in La Paz. At that time the version was spread that he had been attacked after the parliamentary elections, but the family initially prevented the police from carrying out the first investigations.

Prosecutor Dubravka Jordán pointed out that the investigation had established that Gutiérrez had consumed alcoholic beverages in a bar-restaurant and then went to a home where, according to witnesses, he fell while leaving the toilet.

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He indicated that the experts will review their medical history, as well as the autopsy protocol, photos, and tests that were performed in reconstructing the events with the forensic manikin to determine if the Führer’s case was accidental.

“We have settled down at the address in order to carry out the appropriate expertises in criminology and planimetry in order to be able to determine the fall in accordance with the autopsy protocol, as well as to be able to exclude this history if the driving force was accidentally or violently, that is, if it was has given a murderous hand, ”said the prosecutor.

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In another line of investigation, he pointed out that the department’s health service had also requested a medical audit to rule out negligence in the care of Gutiérrez, and that the Medical College was asked to have neurosurgery specialists prepare an opinion on the protocols that were applied in the case of the Führer.


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