Organizations affiliated with the MAS insist that the goal of the citizens' initiative is

Social organizations believed that the purpose of bourgeois mobilization is not to oppose legislation, but to seek “destabilization” and even a “coup” against President Luis Arce’s government.

Central Obrera Boliviana (COB) Executive Secretary Juan Carlos Huarachi confirmed that all social sectors remain in a state of emergency given the situation the country is going through due to persistent unemployment in different regions of the country.

“It’s not Law 218, it’s not Law 1386, the aim is to destabilize the government, to wear down our government,” said the leader in time to announce that the various sectors will continue to meet to defend the Arce -Government to ratify.

The Executive Secretary of the National Confederation of Indigenous Peasant Women of Bolivia – Bartolina Sisa, Flora Aguilar, assured that citizens only seek impunity for those who died and were injured during the 2019 crisis.

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“Their goal is to carry out a coup, so there is the ‘recipe,” he said, referring to a word that the President of the Santa Cruz Citizens Committee, Rómulo Calvo, said in the before the strike and during the days of unemployment Santa Cruz region.

“It’s not the law, it’s not the legislative package, it’s a coup,” he insisted.

While the executive secretary of the Federation of Intercultural Union of Indigenous Intercultural Communities of Bolivia, Esteban Alavi, assured that after the government announced that it would repeal Law 1386, there would be “no more reason” for the mobilization to continue.

The goal of the citizens’ strike is to achieve the repeal of the National Strategy Act to Combat the Legitimation of Illegal Profits and Terrorist Financing, Arce announced at the weekend that the controversial regulation would be repealed.

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Despite this situation, the unions and other sectors decided to keep the measure until the repeal is formalized by law, although for the citizens’ movement the struggle must continue, this time for other regulations and the return of 2/3 in the legislature.


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