Opposition claims that the government has made no redress for the Zapata.  economic damage caused

Following the release of Evo Morales’ ex-partner Gabriela Zapata, Creemos MP Erwin Bazán denounced on Thursday that the government is not demanding reparation for the economic damage caused by the former manager of the CAMC company.

“Ms. Gabriela Zapata, the ex-partner of Evo Morales, is now free. But the most important thing is to restore the economic damage that the state has suffered, ”wrote Bazán on his Facebook account.

The deputy pointed out that Articles 382 and 388 of the Code of Criminal Procedure stipulate that the complainants, the public prosecutor, the minister of justice, the minister of the bureau and the public prosecutor’s office should make amends for the economic damage suffered by the state in the two-year period. “They don’t,” he denounced.

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“It’s very clear they insidiously calculated the time to the end of their term and then released them, that’s obvious. Officials must answer for this failure, for this breach of duty, ”said Bazán.

The deputy stated that the officers had missed something after the deadline for claiming damages and that they had to answer for “breach of duty”.


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