Chilean police arrest three Bolivian soldiers in Colchane

The MPs of the Citizens’ Community (CC) and Creemos called for the case of the three Bolivian soldiers imprisoned in Chile to be transparently investigated and a diplomatic solution to be sought.

The incident occurred early Wednesday when three soldiers from the Strategic Operational Command (CEO) of the Anti-Smuggling La Paz were arrested in Colchane, Chile, allegedly for theft of vehicles and the use of firearms.

The government came out to make it clear that the troops are engaged in anti-smuggling duties and that a diplomatic solution is being prepared.

Creemos MP Omar Michel said: “We blame the attitude of the Carabineros towards three Bolivian compatriots, in the way they are indignant there is no reason to be indignant.”

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He claimed the country must use international law to provide these three soldiers with the necessary protection.

He claimed that “the criminal question of the alleged invasion is something else that the defense minister must make statements to defend these compatriots”.

Meanwhile, Alberto Astorga, representative of the civic community, said that these soldiers should not be honored like in other MAS governments.

He claimed that a request for a report would be made to the Department of Defense and requested a transparent investigation into the case.

He warned that this impasse could spark another diplomatic conflict with Chile.

“That there is a transparent investigation, that it has been resolved and that these events no longer occur,” he said.

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