Opposition and government parties are charged with phantom articles

Following allegations by the MAS against the opposition and parts of the East in the case of 800 phantom objects, Santa Cruz politicians and authorities yesterday urged the government not to politicize the issue and that the ruling party “has no morals”. because he was an ally of the former Mayor Percy Fernández, “in whose management the crime was committed, it said.

Meanwhile, the Santa Cruz parish council set up a special commission yesterday to investigate the case of 800 phantom objects. The first steps will be to request the list of previous management’s contracts and join the lawsuit against Antonio Parada.

Prosecutors have already started taking action on the case, issuing 42 subpoenas for former Santa Cruz community authorities.

Santa Cruz Governor Luis Fernando Camacho described as “the height of cynicism” that the MAS observed the phantom objects when they were allies of the government of Percy Fernández and Angélica Sosa, in which the irregularities were committed.

“Evo Morales today inaugurated factories with the authorities surveyed, their jokes were celebrated, they applauded and they even ran a campaign together for Yes on F21,” he said on his Twitter account.

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The case is under investigation by prosecutors over alleged irregularities in the recruitment of at least 800 people in the Santa Cruz Autonomous Municipality. The main defendant is the former personnel manager Antonio Parada, currently on the run.

“Today the Masismo intends not to use this investigation to find out the truth, but to pollute all the institutions of Santa Cruz. On the contrary, we ask that a transparent process be carried out, with results and with sanctions,” said Camacho.

The government minister, Eduardo del Castillo, replied that Camacho was desperate and lost for accusing the MAS and former President Morales of being the originators of the phantom objects in the Santa Cruz mayor’s office.

Del Castillo accused the ex-citizen of forgetting that he received electoral support from the people he now calls masistas.


The Santa Cruz City Prosecutor’s Office yesterday issued 42 subpoena warrants against the former Santa Cruz Municipality authorities as part of the investigation into the 800 ghost items.

According to a report by state broadcaster Bolivia TV, these quotes match the list of former community officials that Santa Cruz Municipality’s legal director Ever Mérida had given prosecutors to apply for the immigration warning.

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Yesterday, the former municipal secretary José Negrete appeared as a witness and denied any connection to this alleged “corruption network” within the mayor’s office.

Migration director Jorge Daga yesterday confirmed the issuance of immigration warnings against five former officials: brothers Antonio and Guillermo Parada Vaca, Julio César Herbas Aguilera, Javier Carrasco Montero and Javier Abraham Catacora.

You compare it to the Las Londonras case

Senator Henry Montero (Creemos) questioned the measures taken by the “blue-tinted” State Department to mobilize an entire commission of prosecutors to investigate the “ghost objects” case, but not that the Las Londras case is not proceeding with the same level of care .

“You politicized the case of phantom objects. The MAS took advantage of this case to wash its image, “said the legislature, doubting that the formation of” irregular groups “and” militias “would not be investigated during a” concealment “. On October 28, a group of 17 People, including journalists, were forcibly assaulted and kidnapped by suspected attackers on the Las Londras property in Santa Cruz Department.


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