Opponents insist that the repeal of Law 1386 is a victory for the mobilized people

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Opposition politicians stressed that the repeal of the National Strategy Law to Combat the Legitimation of Illegal Profits and Terrorist Financing is a victory for social and civil society organizations that carried out six days of mobilizations and an open-ended strike.

This Saturday, President Luis Arce announced that following an evaluation with its social organizations, the government had decided to lift the norm and urged the mobilized sectors to resume normal activities, which had been suspended for at least two weeks.

“The repeal of Law 1386 is another victory for the Bolivian people, we show that in unity we can defeat the impositions of masistic tyranny, there are still more battles to be won freedom”, he responded to the MP Alberto Astorga in his social Network.

His colleague and fellow believer Andrea Barrientos emphasized the struggle of the population. “Organized citizenship is the most powerful thing the country has, the fight against abuse and authoritarianism is bearing fruit once again. The government announces the repeal of Law 1386. VIVA BOLIVIA LIBRE!” He said.

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Various social and economic sectors, but in particular the trade union sector, initially mobilized for two weeks against the law against the legitimation of illegal profits 218, which was withdrawn from the Senate by the government.

However, they did not demobilize to ask the government to repeal Law 1386, as an indefinite strike started last Monday and was joined by civil and transport companies. This Friday they decided to continue their actions until the repeal.

The Mayor of the Autonomous Municipality of La Paz, Iván Arias, asked if the authorities had minimized the protests. “The government has minimized civil, union and business protests and has had to give in. His health will be cured ahead of a La Paceñidad meeting scheduled for Monday. On this day we will consolidate La Paz’s freedom and private property for the land. #LaPazEnPaz, “he said on his Twitter.

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For his part, politician Samuel Doria Medina pointed out that “the government was wrong in its first year. She believed her job was to prosecute rivals and lead political conflicts. The real enemy is the crisis to create work “.

MEP Luciana Campero called, however, not to demobilize, as the repeal would have to correspond to a procedure in the legislature. “In order to repeal Law 1386, the repeal law must be approved in both chambers. We must not demobilize, no one should believe lies to the government,” he said.

Similarly, the former chairman of the El Alto CoR, Roberto De la Cruz, pointed out that President Arce did not have the power to repeal as he fell under the jurisdiction of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly. Therefore, “this announcement has no legality, it is just an announcement,” said the lawyer.


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