Opponent summit calls for the government to stop persecuting Manfred, Camacho and Arias

Sectors gathered at the “Defense of Democracy” summit in Santa Cruz decided, among other things, to call on Luis Arce’s government to cease legal proceedings against elected sub-national authorities. They also ratified the National March for October 11th.

“Call on the national government to end political prosecution to overthrow the governor of Santa Cruz, the mayors of La Paz and Cochabamba and any other sub-national authorities set up by the referendum,” the dated said Citizen leader Rómulo Calvo read out resolution.

The first point of the document resolves to “call on the national government to end the judicial political prosecution in the event of a false coup and to release the political prisoners. And that the violation of law through the use of the judiciary and the public prosecutor’s office will stop. Also that the judicial system is not manipulated for any other case that is used as a pretext to criminalize politics ”.

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The resolution also calls for “the persecution of the police and the military to be stopped and their dismissals not to be allowed”.

They also called for “the persecution and stigmatization of the youth of the Cochala Juvenile Resistance (RJC) to end”.

They called for the release of former President Jeanine Añez and all political prisoners.

They also called for “the law against the legitimation of illegal profits to be finally abandoned”.

Representatives of social, indigenous, civic, civil and political organizations met this afternoon in the premises of the Pro Santa Cruz Committee.


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