Only one in eleven political parties adapted its statutes to the law

On December 31, 2021, the “Adaptation of all political organizations to the provisions of Law 1096 on Political Organizations” ends. To date, the Movement to Socialism (MAS) is the only party that has submitted what has been requested to the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE).

“All political organizations must comply with the provisions of this law (1096) by December 31, 2021,” says the third transitional provision of the regulation.

In order to ensure that political parties, civic groups and organizations of nations and rural indigenous peoples adapt their statutes to Act 1096, the electoral authority sponsors training workshops for representatives of these political institutions.

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In the first phase, which took place on December 3rd, various aspects of party law were dealt with.

Consideration is also given to incorporate the internal democratic regime, regulations and legal mandates into the structure of political organizations in the election of leaders and candidates at all levels under the responsibility of the Sifde, TSE, democratic processes.

The monitoring of compliance with the applicable regulations and the internal statutes of the political parties was taken into account by Sifde when electing the chairperson and approving the statutes of the governing bodies.

The next session on December 10th will deal with the subject of “Depatriarchalization regime, regulations and mandates for the inclusion of depatriarchalization, parity and change in political organizations as well as for the prevention and punishment of harassment and political violence”, according to the gender unity of the TSE ”.

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Another important point is the violations and sanctions, rights and obligations of political organizations and activists, regulations and mandates to involve disciplinary regimes in complaint procedures in political organizations.


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