On the fifth day of the strike, marches and blockades broke out in eight regions of the country

Yesterday, on the fifth day of permanent unemployment, sectors of eight capitals in the country mobilized with sporadic blockades and marches calling for the repeal of Law 1386 on the Strategy to Combat the Legitimation of Illegal Profits. In the meantime, the government sent several authorities to the regions to discuss the details of the ordinance and try to negotiate, but left out the civil language.

The government accuses the citizens’ and opposition committees of wanting to “destabilize” the country, while the bases close to the government have announced new mobilizations to “defend” democracy.

The heavy haulage chamber of Cochabamba blocked the road to the west near Huayculi yesterday morning. Meanwhile, passive soldiers marched in the city center against the laws obeyed by the population.

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In Santa Cruz, the presence of the military on the streets was noticed this Friday, which has been worrying regional authorities and mobilized sectors for days because it takes place amid conflicts over the repeal of the law.

However, it was reported from the Army General Staff that these soldiers and military equipment displaced to this region were part of the events marking the 221st anniversary of the Army tomorrow Saturday.

In Tarija, where a “banner” was held; in La Paz, where there was another mobilization that afternoon, and in Sucre, in addition to yesterday’s strike, the porters announced that they would block from next Monday.

Potosí and Oruro are also continuing the strike with marches and blockades.

The government called for a dialogue this Saturday, to which it only invited a few sectors, as denounced by the International Heavy Haulage Association (Asociatrin).

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Journalists want guarantees

In Cochabamba, Potosí and Santa Cruz, journalists marched through the streets of their respective cities asking the government for guarantees for press work.

According to the Cochabamba Press Workers Union, there were two attacks on press workers in the city in less than 24 hours, urging the authorities to let them go to work.

In Santa Cruz, press workers protested in front of the cathedral. The protest should also require the public ministry, police and government to investigate the October 28th events at the Las Londras property in Santa Cruz. Another group of workers marched in Potosí and demanded guarantees for their work.


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