Objects: They raid Saguapac and record assets of those involved in the CNS

Yesterday, a commission made up of prosecutors and agents from the anti-corruption unit, the police, raided the offices of the Drinking Water and Basic Sanitation Association (Saguapac) as part of the investigation into 800 “ghost” items from the Santa Cruz de die Mayor’s Office Saw.

Meanwhile, the La Paz prosecutor’s office has recorded the assets of the nine people involved in the ghost contracts with the National Health Fund (CNS) and frozen their accounts. Prosecutor in the case, Lupe Zabala, said a forensic review would be conducted to determine how the recoveries were made.

Regarding the situation of the main participant in the case of the ghost objects, Antonio Parada, prosecutor Marcela Terceros said that the arrest warrant had already been sent to the border with Brazil while she was waiting for the federal police of the neighboring country to hand it over to his counterpart in Bolivia. The former official would be in the city of Corumbá.


The raid on Saguapac and the Jesús Nazareno cooperative was carried out to obtain records of the ongoing process and the alleged corruption network that was operating in the Santa Cruz municipality under the efforts of former mayors Percy Fernández and Angélica Sosa.

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Documents relating to Julio César Herbas’ wife, suspected of facilitating the opening of bank accounts for those involved in the proceedings, were seized from the financial institution Jesús Nazareno.

At the same time, another raid was carried out on the Saguapac cooperative, where Guillermo Parada, the brother of Antonio Parada, the main character of the phantom objects, had worked for at least 15 years. Documents were also confiscated on site and are being evaluated by the public prosecutor’s office.

23 “ghosts”

The Minister of Health, Jeyson Auza, reported yesterday that 23 alleged “ghost contracts” have been uncovered at the CNS, but also that Antonio Parada’s personal files “files” have disappeared from the institution.

The minister alleged that the lawsuit on the case was filed back in October, before the “ghost” item broke out in the Santa Cruz mayor’s office, in which Parada is implicated.

He stated that these “ghost contracts” were discovered in La Paz and that salaries were apparently paid to people who did not perform any functions.

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More cases

Santa Cruz Mayor Jhonny Fernández announced yesterday that his legal team has discovered a new package of “irregular contracts”, expects to receive the final report and all the assistance provided to prosecutors for a detailed investigation carried out.

“We work management by management. The work is long and hard, but we have made progress. The first part was the complaint I made in May and now I’m preparing another one, ”said Fernández.

They are conducting a census of civil servants

In order to eradicate scandals like the phantom article of the mayor’s office of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, the opposition proposes the bill “Clean recruitment system for civil servants”. It is a “census” of all civil servants and the designer is the representative of the Citizens’ Community (CC) Luisa Nayar.

“Imagine if we have the case of 800 ghost objects in a mayor’s office, what happens in the central administration. We have to take into account that there are 500,000 civil servants at the central level of the state, ”wrote the legislature. The public prosecutor’s office is investigating several cases of phantom objects.


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