Novillo warns that they will be very tough to keep the country from being paralyzed

Before the announcement of new mobilizations by the opposition “Bloque de Unidad”, Defense Minister Edmundo Novillo warned this Sunday that, as the national government, they will be very determined “by all means to avoid our country being whipped, paralyzed and a victim of economic destruction” .

“We want to tell you openly and categorically: As a movement towards socialism, as a government of the democratic and cultural revolution, we are a strong regiment in the country, we are in the state government, in the departmental governments, we are in” our social organizations, and we would like to Tell you that as a national government we will be very steadfast. As part of the rule of law, we will do all we can to avoid our country being scourged, paralyzed and victim to the economic destruction of these power groups, ”Novlillo told the state broadcaster.

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Novillo argued that after the law was withdrawn, the citizens’ committees changed their strategy, showing that the law was not the problem, but that it was a “conspiratorial act” aimed at destabilizing the government and the economy and making the businessman economic Harming micro-entrepreneurs, merchants, trade unionists and transporters.

He stated that the bill aims to combat cross-border crimes such as money laundering through criminal activities, not informal ones such as drug trafficking, arms trafficking, human trafficking and smuggling.

He warned that if these crimes are not combated with international standards, “Bolivia will become a country where illegal activities create suspicion and our country cannot be condemned in international and trade relations because it is exposed to the suspicion it has Consequences, especially for entrepreneurs and investments “.

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He pointed out that some legal provisions aimed at combating the legitimation of illegal profits were in place and had not been investigated against any union member or transport company because they were not the target but the cross-border crime that had to be combated by international regulations.


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