Novillo and Lima are filing lawsuits against those responsible for allegedly importing weapons into Bolivia

Defense Minister Edmundo Novillo announced on Tuesday that, in coordination with the Ministry of Justice, he would hand over a memorial to the public prosecutor’s office to investigate the alleged irregular internment of non-fatal material from Argentina to Bolivia in the interim government.

“In coordination with the Ministry of Justice, a memorial will be handed over because we as the Ministry of Defense are a civil party there and are also an authority that is responsible for the irregular importation of war material from Argentina in this particular case,” he said.

He said that the Ministry of Defense had held meetings with his defense colleague and that the details of the memorial’s contents will be announced in the next few days, which will be presented to the Ministry of Public Relations.

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“The point is to constitute ourselves as a civil party and, at the same time, as prosecutors of the crimes committed while illegally detaining this material, against the norm and committing crimes, by all those who acted on November 13, on which the Plane has arrived from Argentina, “he stressed.

In July, the State Department released a letter of thanks signed by former Air Force Commander Jorge Terceros, thanking Argentina for sending non-lethal material.

Third parties claimed that this letter was false and that they forged their signature.

In Argentina, former President Mauricio Macri and two former ministers were charged with allegedly smuggling arms into Bolivia.

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